Have you seen this pattern before?

Three years in the making

One PhD, thousand lines of code, multiple peer-reviewed scientific publications, and a lot of painful trial and error.

What we’ve ended up with is phenomenal. Using the latest State-Of-the-Art Machine Learning developments (Transformers, Auto-Encoders, etc) we’ve worked and created ML models that perform exceptionally well at OHLC pattern recognition. We’ve trained them using the past 6 years worth of Stock data, using the largest 20 NASDAQ companies. The Datasets contain bull and bear data, a crash, sideways limbo and enough representative samples to make sense of the future ticker data.

Your Unfair Advantage

Open positions, close positions, build EAs and algotrading bots. Use it on web apps, implement any form of logic or reasoning you want. It’s free to use on any IEX ticker you want. The only catch is you can only consume one data-stream at a time.

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